Affordable Living – Housing for Everyone

In metropolitan areas, affordable living has become a problem for our society. The market for affordable housing is virtually empty. It needs visions to master the challenges of social change. For planners, developers and contractors in the construction sector it is therefore an enormous obligation to create innovative solutions for affordable housing.

Increased demands, changing expectations and new market conditions require a well thought-out modernization in the housing sector. The clock is ticking. The housing shortage in cities is already alarmingly high and continues to expand. The best example of this is the lack of smaller, but affordable housing units. In many major European cities rents have almost doubled within ten years and have become unaffordable for students, for example. Demand is rising at the same rate as the situation worsens. A vicious circle that SWISS PROPERTY AG is breaking. We have given priority to rethinking and questioning established methods and points of view, and we are leading the way with innovative ideas.

New action is needed to prevent the already difficult situation from escalating further. Affordable construction forms are therefore of great relevance in order to stop the process and create affordable living space. Holistic and at the same time efficient and sustainable construction methods must come to the fore in order to do justice to both people and the environment in the long term.

One of the reasons for inefficient construction is the classic separation of trades. It causes time- and cost-intensive interfaces. In most cases, individual construction segments have to be elaborately adapted in order to create an acceptable connection. Holistic interlinkages in which all trades intermesh must therefore be favored. SWISS PROPERTY AG works with new strategies for tailor-made and faster construction projects. A view oriented towards the far future on a high-tech basis, which provides the basis for sustainable building and affordable living space.

Minimize risks and costs – but how?

Fast reactions to increased protection and safety requirements as well as rapidly changing consumer preferences must take place in order to create affordable housing. SWISS PROPERTY AG realizes all trades with optimal cost management on the basis of a continuous interlocking data chain from land acquisition, planning and development to construction management and interior design. Thanks to new and comprehensive digital software solutions, optimum results are achieved. The Building Information Modeling method enables the planning, execution and management of buildings to be networked precisely. The main focus is generally on sustainable, environmentally conscious, timely and cost-efficient quality.

How successful holistically considered construction projects are becomes particularly clear in the area of sophisticated timber construction, as demonstrated by the examples in Andermatt with the Schneefalke or the Eisvogel Smart Studios project from SWISS PROPERTY AG. Here it is possible to make full use of the available resources of the natural raw material wood through precise calculations of the all-encompassing data. Heat, insulation and sound insulation concepts can be implemented profitably using all the advantages. Due to the digital networking of all interfaces existing in classical construction, an optimal and precise prefabrication of the individual construction elements can take place. A very low degree of transport routes and construction site interfaces to be improved are the positive consequences. This shortens the assembly time, which has an effect on the overall construction time and the associated cost reduction.

Digital development tools enable a holistic concept with high planning reliability. Complicated static calculations, extensive fire or sound insulation concepts as well as the economic execution and continuation in a smooth process. Demanding construction projects that meet practically and efficiently all the criteria for modern construction, balanced sustainability and thus affordable living.


Our goal as a technology-oriented project developer is to revolutionize the construction industry. As a leading Swiss project development company, we use modern methods and holistic approaches to achieve a long-term plus for our future living. We create tailor-made affordable living experiences with a focused view on cost efficiency, profitability and sustainability.