Digital Construction

Innovation & Sustainability: Prefabricated Timber Construction

Swiss Property AG is taking advantage of the latest in timber construction technology to build the Eisvogel apartment complex in the premier Swiss vacation destination Andermatt. Each of our projects is designed from the ground up using digital modelling to optimize project time and costs. The prefabricated timber construction allows for a precise working methodology...

Affordable Living – Housing for Everyone

In metropolitan areas, affordable living has become a problem for our society. The market for affordable housing is virtually empty. It needs visions to master the challenges of social change. For planners, developers and contractors in the construction sector it is therefore an enormous obligation to create innovative solutions for affordable housing. Increased demands, changing...

The advantages of Building Information Modeling BIM

What exactly is the definition of Building Information Modeling? To put it briefly and simply: It is nothing more than the continuous digitalization of all planning and realization-relevant building information as a virtual building model and the networking of all those involved in the building process. Building Information Modeling is not software, as is often...

Digitization of the construction industry

For a long time, the construction industry was almost resistant to the major changes brought about by digitization. While entire industries are already in the midst of change, the construction industry is operating almost as before. There is a growing realisation that digital, networked construction offers above all great opportunities and undreamt-of possibilities. What are...

Modular construction with prefabricated components

The digitalization of the construction industry makes it possible: Modular construction with prefabricated components and their advantages. The progressive digitalization of the construction industry has created the best conditions for modular construction. Entire components can already be prefabricated today with computer-aided systems. These modules are manufactured by robot systems with the highest precision and quality...

Global view of the digitalisation of the construction industry

Evolution or revolution: A global view of the digitalization of the construction industry from the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos, a global megatrend can be discerned: Over the past ten years, digital progress has affected entire industries and fundamentally changed them. Platforms and streaming services such as...

Sustainable building with wood: ecological and economical

Did you know that 40% of all CO2 emissions worldwide are not caused by traffic and transport, but by buildings? Or that, for example, the use of cross laminated timber alone reduces the CO2 emissions of a building by a whole 29 years or results in this extent in less CO2 pollution compared to conventional...

Swiss Property the world’s first company with SAP S/4HANA Enterprise

Swiss Property is the first company in the world to implement SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management and thus the largest update of the business suite software in 23 years.24 The successful launch of our S/4HANA system triggered a lot of attraction within SAP. As a result, SWISS PROPERTY was invited to present its customer perspective at...