CO2 savings through timber construction

Environmental protectionism has finally taken center stage at the forefront of public discourse and the sustainable timber construction methods employed by SWISS PROPERTY AG reflect our determination to do something about it. Our “Eisvogel Apartment House” project exemplifies how CO2 can be bound and stored in a residential building. Experts are confident that wood will continue to grow in importance as a versatile building material in the future. We would like to serve as a model in the Swiss construction industry and contribute to the Swiss Confederation’s net zero strategy of reducing CO2 levels.

Case Study Eisvogel Apartment House

Our most recent project, the  Eisvogel Apartment House was built using 540 m3  of wood and as a result stores up to 378 tons of CO2. The project effectively serves as a CO2 sink enabling us to sustainably support the environment. Using wood instead of cement allows us to save up to 300 kg of CO2 per cm2, leading to a 160 ton reduction in CO2 emissions. As the construction industry is responsible for as much as 40 percent of global CO2 emissions, this is estimated to contribute materially to Switzerland’s goal of meeting a net zero balance by 2050.  For SWISS PROPERTY AG, however, sustainability does not only mean the use of wood as a building material. Other factors such as the use of high-quality thermal insulation, comfort ventilation and modular construction techniques also play an important role (read more about prefabricated timber construction).

All of the above factors contribute to sustainable building. There is a global need for environmentally friendly construction methods and these should be implemented on a wider scale in the future. The SWISS PROPERTY Engineering Team has taken up this challenge and learned to love wood as a modern material for its simple processing, innumerable design possibilities and favorable economics. They follow in the footsteps of ancient humans which have relied on this material for millennia and SWISS PROPERTY AG will continue to focus on this in the future.