Digital construction


Digital project management with Digital Building Systems. Agile from planning, procurement, execution to operation.


Smart sourcing as part of a modern ECO system with an intelligent supply chain.


Building construction with standardized assemblies, a high degree of prefabrication and modular planning.

Digital construction

Digital construction means the seamless use of digital data throughout the entire process chain – from site analysis and planning to production and facility management. Planning is carried out using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method and optimizes integral planning.

As an agile project developer, we use the latest technologies, we plan, optimize and program our buildings for success. We design in five dimensions and thus guarantee cost and schedule security as well as a very high product quality.

Clients benefit from shorter project durations, precise project costs, higher yields and a quality-assured, sustainable end product.


DBS – Digital Building System – is a complete eco-system based on a platform based parametric building system. DBS is a development of Swiss Property.


Building Information Modeling; planning, execution and management of buildings with the help of the integral planning standard.  We record, combine and network all building data digitally.

Smart Optimizer

Software-supported analysis of project opportunities, in which extensive amounts of data on economically relevant parameters are precisely evaluated in advance.

Prefabrication - Smart Sourcing

Digital product data models enable highly automated, precise CNC or robot production of components in timber construction production. The offsite production of components in our partner companies industrializes the construction site and guarantees higher productivity, precision, quality and cost control.

Cost advantages result from an intelligent product definition based on a standardized component platform, a high degree of prefabrication and an international smart sourcing strategy. Each property is built on the basis of our parameterizable DBS assemblies within a short time schedule and within budget.


Components are manufactured “offsite” in a factory for on-site assembly on demand, industrially and precisely.


DBS-based construction and assembly procedures for building components shorten construction times by up to 30% and enable high execution quality. Trained assembly specialists, process control according to lean principles and qualified subcontractors are part of our ecosystem,


Systematic quality assurance of the planning phase and industrial production of the component, is consistently managed via digital instruments.

Architecture Design

We program the building and configure the optimized architectural form. Through the modularisation of the interior design and technology, the furnishing processes are integrated and allow implementation shortly before realisation. Planning changes mean only the simple adaptation of parameters. Digital construction allows “mass customization” with a high degree of standardization and the use of common parts without impairing design freedom.


Mathematical description of the architectural form, the floor plans, as well as the constructional proofs, we optimize the real estate for your benefit. The building and the apartments are 3D visualized, virtually walkable and easily adaptable in their life cycle.


Digital planning enables a high degree of individualisation. Coupled with our intelligent DBS assembly platform, every wish can be implemented efficiently and cost-optimized.

Interior Design

Swiss Property relied on a clear design language, high quality and precision.

Sustainable raw materials

No other building material is as sustainable as wood: it is CO2 neutral, renewable and 100% recyclable. Until the wood can be used in building construction, it needs only a few work steps and thus the production chain of the wood is managed with a low grey energy input. It has been proven that only wood from sustainable forestry is used.

As part of our “Smart Sourcing System”, we pay attention to sustainable and high product quality in all material areas. In particular, we create healthy living and working spaces in real estate.


Renewable raw materials from nature, 100% recyclable, durable and renewable. Wooden properties are resilient, of stable value and future-proof due to the flexible building material.

CO2 reduction

High energy saving potentials. Positive CO2 balance and climate resource protection through the maximum use of the raw material wood. We make a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Room climate

The properties of wood ensure a healthy room climate, optimum humidity and a high feel-good factor.

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