Innovation & Sustainability: Prefabricated Timber Construction

Swiss Property AG is taking advantage of the latest in timber construction technology to build the Eisvogel apartment complex in the premier Swiss vacation destination Andermatt. Each of our projects is designed from the ground up using digital modelling to optimize project time and costs. The prefabricated timber construction allows for a precise working methodology that improves both quality and cost control.

Prefab timber construction in Andermatt: Eisvogel Smart Studios

It’s mesmerizingly intricate coloured plumage, rarity and elusive nature have made the Eisvogel (Kingfisher bird)  famous. Soon, SWISS PROPERTY AG will be giving it a new home in Andermatt. Not unlike the one-of-a-kind Eisvogel, the building under construction in the Swiss Alps amazes by virtue of it’s beauty and elegance in construction and design. The very latest know-how in timber construction is being deployed to build 44 Smart Studio apartments, which should be completed and ready for move-in by spring 2020.

What makes the project so unique and how can it live up to its name?

As agile project developers and specialists, we take pride in realizing the Eisvogel Smart Studios using cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to digital 3D product data models, every project begins with careful planning that can be done in a structured manner where each component is planned for and modelled precisely in advance. The individual elements of the Eisvogel are then manufactured for us by our partner companies using highly sophisticated, precise CNC robotic production. By standardising our procedures on and off the construction site, we guarantee increased productivity and improved precision.

As part of the prefabricated construction method, we use wood as the primary building material. This time-tested raw material is proven to be the most versatile and sustainable of all. Furthermore, wood perfectly complements the idyllic landscapes that Andermatt has to offer. At SWISS PROPERTY AG, we focus on a harmonious combination of ecological construction and compelling design.

Our construction elements are manufactured on-demand, with industrial precision and attention to detail. The prefabricated elements are then carefully transported to Andermatt to be assembled on site. Next, they are fastened around the existing staircase and elevator. With credit to the modular construction techniques used, an entire floor of the Eisvogel building can be completed each week. The primary goal of SWISS PROPERTY AG is to increase the process quality through this prefabricated timber construction method. This begins in the planning phase, continues with the standardized production methodology and concludes with the professional assembly of the individual construction elements. The realisation of the construction process is consistently guided by digital instruments and systematically optimised on an ongoing basis. A recent study by McKinsey revealed that innovative and efficient construction methods such as ours have only been adopted by 50 percent of all developers, which emphasizes our competitive advantages in terms of cost and time savings.