Proof of concept - digital construction

The apartment house Schneefalke comprises 19 holiday apartments, an in-house fitness centre with sauna and steam bath. Traditional alpine style with modern design and comfort in the middle of the Swiss mountains.

“Schneefalke” was completed in less than 24 months from foundation to handover. The total construction time from start to finish was 11 months. 80% of the apartments were sold before completion.

Facts & figures

Total project time 24 months

Construction time 6 months

Time savings of 6 months through integral planning and prefabrication

Minergie Standard CH

BREEAM Standard EU

Net ROI Investor 30%+


The construction time for a multi-storey apartment building with digital processes, technology and prefabricated building modules is a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction. A multi-storey apartment house can be built within 6-9 months from design to completion, making modular housing highly economical and efficient.

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